Lori Porter

Aspiring Astrophysicist

Columbia University


As both a student and instructor in astronomy, I take teaching very seriously. It is my goal to employ pedagogical teaching methods in order to help connect physics, math, and astronomy for students from all backgrounds. This includes learning to meet students where they are at with current knowledge and diversifying teaching methods.

Institution: Columbia University

  • Galaxies and Cosmology
    • 3 credits | Fall 2023 | Undergraduate Lecture
    • Introductory level astronomy for non-majors. Responsible for weekly office hours, assisting students, and facilitating in-class activities.

Institution: University of Louisville

  • Differential Equations for the Physical Sciences
    • 4 credits | Fall 2022 | Undergraduate Lecture & Recitation
    • Required course for physics undergraduates, elective for engineering undergraduates. Responsible for assisting with student questions, a weekly recitation with MATLAB, and advising students on final projects, using differential equations in real-life scenarios (spread of bird flu).
  • Elementary Astronomy Laboratory
    • 1 credit | Spring 2022 | Undergraduate Lab
    • Elective science lab course for non-majors. Instructor-on-record and sole instructor present in lab, responsible for running weekly activities and grading assignments.